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Building Great Work Relationships

December 9, 2018

Why Have Good Relationships? Human beings are naturally social creatures – we crave friendship and positive interactions, just as we do food and water. So it makes sense that the better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we’re going to be. Good working relationships give us several other benefits: our work […]

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Managing the pressures of a relationship

November 10, 2018

some tips to help you keep your relationship afloat, and what to do if you feel unsafe. This can help if: you want to learn about some of the common pressures in relationships you want some tips for dealing with relationship pressures you want to understand where the tension in your relationship is coming from […]

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Traveling and its benefits

October 27, 2018

Perhaps most of us deal with patience issues and still have not got any good solution towards it. If you are concerned too about being impatient then travelling would surely fade away your problems. There are times when your percept is in total conflict with the worldly affairs. For instance, the trains are slow, flight […]

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Family and personal relationships

September 6, 2018

There are lots of benefits to having great relationships, but what should you do when they veer off track? There are many types of relationship, but broadly speaking they usually fall into one of four categories: family, friendship, romantic, or professional. What’s normal in one type of relationship may seem weird in another. In any […]

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My Favorite Quebec City Attractions in Summer

August 27, 2018

1 – St. Lawrence River A river cruise is a great way to see the different parts of the city and the views beyond. However, it always seems chilly on the water, so I would recommend bringing a sweatshirt. In addition to a sweatshirt and/or rain gear (depending on weather), I would definitely bring a […]

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Always Travel Tuesday to the Middle East

July 27, 2018

During the late 1970’s, international terrorism had reared its angry head (yes, nearly fifty years ago). As a Foreign Service radio technician my job was to provide two-way radio nets at American embassies and consulates between Athens and Karachi (this was before cell phones). The local telephone systems were unreliable. The two-way radio was the […]

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