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My Favorite Quebec City Attractions in Summer

1 – St. Lawrence River

A river cruise is a great way to see the different parts of the city and the views beyond. However, it always seems chilly on the water, so I would recommend bringing a sweatshirt. In addition to a sweatshirt and/or rain gear (depending on weather), I would definitely bring a camera so you can snap pictures of different landmarks, such as Château Frontenac.St Lawrence River Quebec City

2 – Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls is a beautiful waterfall that you can get to with only a short hike. There is a bridge where you can look down and see the water rushing over the edge, and a viewpoint at ground level where you can get up close and personal with the falls. I’d recommend putting your phone away once you reach the ground level, because you are going to get very wet if you go down there.Montmorency Falls Quebec City

3 – Huron Village

Visiting the Huron traditional village is a great way to explore how First Nations people lived then and now. After our tour of the village, we watched a performance comprised of traditional dances and music. Before we left, we had a traditional meal of Huron delicacies, including sunflower soup and buffalo sausage.

4 – Cabane à Pierre Beauce Sugar Shack

Cabane à Pierre Beauce is an excellent place to have dinner and experience Quebecois sugaring culture. After a hearty meal of comfort food (and maple syrup, of course!) the people on our trip danced around at the front of the room, enjoying the games provided that evening. Before departing, they gave us an excellent and simple dessert of maple syrup in snow (one of my favorite things from our last visit to Quebec.)

5 – Battlefield Park

Battlefield Park, more commonly known to locals as the Plains of Abraham, boasts a surprising variety of things to see. There are cannons from various wars across the park, as well as great views. Another thing to do there is visit the Martello Towers, which were built to defend Quebec from American invasion. In the summer, you can also find many music festivals and concerts taking place here. It sure looked a lot different than when we were there in the winter!

6 – Cathedral-Basilica of Notre Dame de Quebec

This cathedral is huge, but you may not realize it when you walk through the doors, as the lower level is only the church part. But, if you go upstairs, you will see the stunning basilica that takes up the majority of the cathedral. The basilica is very intricately painted and tiled, such as in the main aisle, where you can see the Seven Deadly Sins portrayed on the floor. This church is outside the city proper, but definitely worth visiting.

7 – Walking through the Old City

Another fun thing to do while in Old Quebec is take a walk through the old city, ducking into little shops and cafes. I have found through my travels that you can learn a lot about a city if you just walk around in it for a few hours, and explore parts of the city you may not have discovered in a tour. My favorite memories are of playing in the fountains in the evening and spending time walking around with friends.Old Quebec

Old Quebec is a truly beautiful city, and a place well worth visiting. The summer months provide the perfect aura of warmth and cheer, so you can experience the city without ski pants and earmuffs. I hope that you like the places I recommended as much as I did, and I hope that you will get the chance to enjoy the city as much as me.


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